Being a mother is a blessing, and there are days when I want nothing more. BUT...there are those days when I want to escape into a hole and never return. Thankfully, wanting this outweighs escaping. I just want to share my incredibly blessed life. This is not just for myself, but all those hard working MAMAs.

Monday, January 4, 2010


It has been some time since I have been here, but for good reason.

Many of you know I was expecting our 5th baby due 01/10/10. As predicted, the baby came earlier! Actually, we predicted the baby would come 12/21/09, but she braced us with her presence on 12/27/09 at 8:24 am. What a wonderful day.

Honestly, I was expecting a boy. At first, I was convinced the baby was a girl (we did not find out the sex at the ultrasound). Then, I started dreaming it was a boy, and everyone was telling me it was a boy. So, when the day came, I was expecting Joshua to be here. Lo and behold, Emma, came into our lives. What a wonderful surprise!

I LOVE surprises!

So, as of 12/27/09, my life has been forever changed. Funny thing is when I had my oldest 14.5 years ago, I decided all I wanted were boys if I ever had any more children. Why?? Well, I did not want a mini-me running around. I do remember what I was like as a child and a teenager. I did not want any form of payback from a daughter of my own. In my opinion, boys are much easier.

Now, I have 2 boys and 3 girls. 3 times the hormones, 3 times the drama. We have seen plenty of drama from our oldest daughter. And now, our 2nd oldest daughter, who is only 1, is now showing signs of drama queen abilities.

There is also 3 times the hair, 3 times the clothes, 3 times getting ready, 3 times getting nails done ( I can't wait for that, though), 3 times the boy crushes. Sigh...

Forever changed...They have definately forever changed my life in the most awesome way possible, but I hope and pray I can forever change the lives that are now in my hands. I hope and pray I can make the impact God has created me to by giving me these wonderful and precious blessings.