Being a mother is a blessing, and there are days when I want nothing more. BUT...there are those days when I want to escape into a hole and never return. Thankfully, wanting this outweighs escaping. I just want to share my incredibly blessed life. This is not just for myself, but all those hard working MAMAs.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lazy, Lazy, Lazy....

Okay...maybe I am not being lazy, but it sure feels like it.

This week, Hubby is off from work. I LOVE IT! I like it when he is here. Not just because he lets me sleep in, he wakes up with the baby, cooks lunch for the kids, washes dishes, starts laundry, babies me if I am having a 'bad prego day,' or any wonderful thing like that. Well, maybe that could be some of the reason. :) Now can you see why I am feeling lazy? Actually, though, I just like him being here.

We have only been married 5 years (it will be 5 years Jan. 1) and have known one another 8 years, but it doesn't feel that long at all. It feels as though we have just met and he is impressing me with his intelligence and sense of humor. No one can impress me the way he does, make me laugh like he does, or frankly, tick me off like he does.

I love that I get to see him everyday from the moment I get up to when we go to bed. He is my best friend. When he is here, he spoils me and I enjoy every minute of it and if that qualifies me as being lazy, then so be it. But the real reason I love him being here is just because he is here.
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