Being a mother is a blessing, and there are days when I want nothing more. BUT...there are those days when I want to escape into a hole and never return. Thankfully, wanting this outweighs escaping. I just want to share my incredibly blessed life. This is not just for myself, but all those hard working MAMAs.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Hi everyone! This may not be very long, but I didn't want to stay away, and wanted to share some of my progress. Yesterday was day #2 of my journey with You know, shining my sink and that goes along with it. This was my job for yesterday...

'Today I want you get up and get dressed to lace up shoes when you first get up in the morning. This means fix your hair and face too.'

My thoughts were...Are you serious?? There is no way I can do that. That means I have to get up before the kids (they wake up at 6 AM)! And do you know how hard it is with 4 kids, three of which are 4 and under??? Plus I am 36 weeks prego?!? A shower is one thing, but doing my hair, make-up, and put decent clothes on other than shorts and t-shirt?!? GREAT...UGH!

Although I did not make it into the shower by 5:30 AM, I did make it by 6:15!!!!! YES! Done getting ready by probably around 8, but I had to feed the kiddos and get them dressed. Wait...did I say get them dressed before 8?? I usually let them lounge in pj's until lunch or even later. We're not going anywhere right? Then, did the dishes, kept my sink shiny, folded laundry, rested for about 30-45 mins, started lunch, cleaned the kitchen again, listened to training calls for a couple of hours, folded more laundry and picked up the living room before 3:30 PM!

Did I really just do all of that??? YES I DID!!! I actually felt I accomplished not just one thing, but a few things. By bed time, the sink stayed shiny and NO DIRTY DISHES ANYWHERE, including the dishwasher! Sorry for all of the exclamation points, but I am totally psyched!

Today, however is a different story. I was up all night with 'fake' contractions that hurt and I thought I mind in end up in the hospital, but they dissipated around 5 AM. So, I am exhausted. Hubby was up with nausea and vomiting. When we thought he was in the clear, our 4 year old, vomited in her bed. This was followed by a bath and another vomit session. I think Hubby went to rest on the sofa, while I crashed for a few hours. This put me way behind. BUT....I managed to get dressed to lace up my shoes, went to the bank, took the kids to the indoor play area at the mall, bought lunch and made some prospect calls.

Not too shabby. The kitchen has a few dirty dishes in it, but it is not overflowing as it may have been considering the circumstances. I guarantee my sink will be shiny tonight!

That's all for now. And I want to take a moment to thank everyone who has commented. I wish I could send an email to you or thank you on your blog...something, but I am still new to this. Hubby is an excellent teacher, and I will be looking to him for proper techniques in blog etiquette and how to accomplish them. Thank you so much!