Being a mother is a blessing, and there are days when I want nothing more. BUT...there are those days when I want to escape into a hole and never return. Thankfully, wanting this outweighs escaping. I just want to share my incredibly blessed life. This is not just for myself, but all those hard working MAMAs.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

A DO OVER???, one of my new goals is to keep up with this blog. This is the third time I have started over again this past year. Hopefully the saying a 'third times a charm' takes effect and works.

I am feeling so overwhelmed. There is so much I want to do, but don't know how to get started or where to begin. I am in my 36th week of pregnancy, so maybe this is the nesting that's phasing in. Who knows. All I know is there is so much C-RAP (please excuse the language, but there is a lack of what other words to use without really cussing) to do and get done.

There are dishes in the sink to get done and it is 5 'til 11 at night. I can't remember when I last swept. It's even been longer than that since I mopped. Maybe that's why my kids get sick a lot...because I am a HORRIBLE house keeper. I thought only kids in day care get sick; not stay at home kids! There is a load of laundry on the sofa yet to be folded, and clothes that have been folded under that. There is a load in the dryer and more clothes to be washed. UGH!!! Seriously...

Can't I just get a clean slate?? A do over?? If Santa really exists, can't he just have a maid clean this all up? Give me a nice starting point?

Maybe this new site I signed up for will help. promises to help me get organized, to de-clutter my life and living space. It starts off with baby steps and then, I believe, will send emails throughout the day to help do chores 15 minutes at a time. This HAS to work. Since it supposedly takes 21 days to make a habit, this will be a new and helpful habit in my life in less than a month.

My first step is to make my sink shiny. I actually did this a couple of weeks ago and kept up with it, but who knows what happened. Anyway, after making it shiny, I am supposed to keep up with it every day. Now, I have to make the decision if I want Day 1 to be now or tomorrow. I am honestly too tired to make it now, but that means a messy messy kitchen in the AM. I HATE THIS!!!

I am sorry to be so negative, but for this being my outlet, I just ran with this one today. I promise to have a better outlook in the days to come, or at least be more amusing.



Reservoir Dad said...

I can relate to the 'horrible housekeeper' feeling. I've been trying to get everything shipshape for weeks. All I ever seem to do is reclean the kitchen and living room and yet it's as dirty as all hell only a few hours later. It's a fricken nightmare. You are a doing a great job with four kids and a belly full of child. Good luck with the birth.

Eva said...

I am very proud of you baby... shows a lot of pizzazz! You are nesting along beautifully. Sorry your house was full of sick, I have been relating!