Being a mother is a blessing, and there are days when I want nothing more. BUT...there are those days when I want to escape into a hole and never return. Thankfully, wanting this outweighs escaping. I just want to share my incredibly blessed life. This is not just for myself, but all those hard working MAMAs.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


So...DRUM ROLL PLEASE................

I HAVE A SHINY SINK!!!!! I must admit that I did have some, A LOT, of help.

My wonderful hubby,
JugglingEric, knew how I felt, and I am sure he felt the same way. If there is a mess he can't get to, and I haven't touched it, he gets this look of despair on his face. Knowing my husband, he feels like he has failed his family and himself. Then he starts to feel claustrophobic. All this totally consumes his mood and train of thought. However, he tends to be really awesome at pushing through, and gets done what he wants.

This morning (I am sure he had me in mind...he likes to make me happy), he cleaned up the kitchen. He put dishes in the dishwasher, wiped the counters and stove and swept and left the sink for me. What a wonderful man!

So, I did my duty and cleaned the sink as well as the counter above the sink. It was harder than I thought! The hard thing about the sink is, as wonderful a help as my husband and son are when they clean the kitchen, they tend to forget the sink. If they get to the sink, they seem to not pay much attention to it, leaving grime and yukiness behind. This leaves hard work and tons of elbow grease for me. I had no idea how dirty the back of the faucet really was. I clean back there, but I can't see it. Today, I climbed a chair and saw the enemy I was dealing with. Then, I CONQUERED it! YES!

In return, we now have a shiny sink! Team work...NICE. Way to go TeamEK!

Our new goal as a family is to keep this up everyday. A small step in essence, but huge for the family and getting to where we want to be. Wish us luck!


Blogging Mama Andrea said...

You know, a shiny sink does make the whole kitchen seem...sparkly clean. Now I feel like I should go get the dishes out of the sink and get cleaning.

SciFi Dad said...

The sink has water running through it; why clean it when you've just rinsed it with the soapy water from the dishes?

Sounds like someone is making work for themselves. ;)